Empowering Oneself, led by Yvette Richards

“For it is not you who speak, but the spirit of your Father speaking through you.” Matthew 10:20

Learn ways for women to find their inner strength, allowing them to be Bold, Edgy and Unreasonable along the journey in working with United Methodist Women. Learn some tools that will guide you to understand that you are a product of God’s grace and mercy, and that you can change yourself—and the world!

Yvette Richards is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University with a Master’s degree in Leadership Development from Walden University.

Celebrate UMW! 150 Years and Counting!, led by Stacie Hawkins

United Methodist Women will be celebrating 150 years of mission in 2019! Since 1869, we have been walking hand in hand with our foremothers, meeting the needs of women, children and youth around the world. To ensure that our mission continues for the next 150 years, a Legacy Fund has been created. Come learn ways to promote the Legacy Fund in your conference, district and local unit so that the seeds you sow now can be a part of your granddaughter’s history!

Stacie Hawkins is a director of the National Board of United Methodist Women, Inc. She holds several positions in her local church and annual conference, including serving on the board of the Wesley Community Center in Houston.

Deaconess: Information and More, led by Deaconess Cindy Andrade Johnson

Through video, this workshop will present stories of different calls into ministry. The workshop will explore scripture, spiritual formation, and requirements and candidacy process for those interested in knowing more about the office of deaconess.

Deaconess Cindy Andrade Johnson is the Discernment and Interpretation Consultant for the Office of Deaconess and Home Missioner.


Working with the Marginalized, led by Rev. Lorenza Andrade Smith

Rev. Smith will present information about how best to work with marginalized and underserved people. This workshop will be led in a question and answer format.

Rev. Smith gave up her worldly possessions a few years ago in San Antonio and began living among the homeless, marginalized and underserved. This past year, she has been on a global contemplative pilgrimage. Her mission is to advocate for simple living. 


Celebrating Freedom, led by Brenda Smith-Keene

You will be edified as you enter into a new dimension of worship. We will learn why dance is acceptable worship through scriptures that support it; colors and their significance in dance ministry; and the use of accessories. In addition, we will learn basic movements to songs.

Brenda has been a choreographer and dancer since 1989. She coordinates the dance team “Praising Grace,” and has led many dance workshops at Mission u.


Forget the Debate--Let’s Do Something about Global Warming, led by Pat Hoerth

Concerned about what’s happening to our lovely Mother Earth? Feeling the urgency to do something to help all life on God’s beautiful planet, yet feeling overwhelmed about what you can do? Grounded in our United Methodist Social Principles, we’ll make our to-do lists for healing the planet.

Pat is a deaconess who serves in the ministries of eco-spirituality and environmental justice at Turtle Rock Farm. She is a trained spiritual director, receiving her M.Div from Phillips Theological Seminary, where she is an adjunct instructor.


The Silent Killer of our Youthful Society—Cyberbullying, led by Elizabeth (Pooh) Mack

We will take a deeper look into cyberbullying and the damaging effects. You will leave the workshop more aware and empowered to be a part of the change you wish to see in the world.

Pooh, as most people know her, has been a United Methodist Woman since birth. Her mother took her to UMW meetings from infancy into adulthood. She currently serves as the Missouri Conference Secretary of Program Resources.


be just. be green. Living it out!, led by Ellen Lipsey

Ellen Lipsey will give us practical steps for how UMW can lead the way to a more just life together in a time of climate crisis—to both full inclusion of all peoples and reduction of our carbon footprint, our waste and our water usage.

Ellen currently serves as the New Mexico Conference Member to the Program Advisory Group and is part of the team of Jurisdiction Guides for UMW’s be just. be green. program, promoting wholeness and justice in the way meetings and events are planned.


Cherokee Double Weave Basket, led by Rev. Margaret Johnson

During the workshop, Rev. Johnson will create a double weave basket. In addition, she will have sections of the baskets for view. She will give copies of the story of the baskets and colors that are important to the Cherokee people.

Rev. Johnson, who is a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indian, serves as the District Superintendent of the Northern District of OIMC. She joined UMW when she married into a United Methodist family.


Power in Your Pocket--Technologies for Ministry, led by Ralph Thompson

With today’s mobile technologies, ministry leaders can carry with them the computing power that was once relegated to desktop systems. This workshop will help the participants learn to effectively use portable devices to engage social media and manage administrative tasks. Bring your favorite device or just come and learn.

Ralph Thompson is a certified software and hardware professional with over 40 years of experience as a consultant and trainer. He is known for his ability to teach complex technologies in a way that promotes fast learning, even among novices.


Ministry through Social Media--Technologies for Ministry, led by Ralph Thompson

Organizations are discovering unlimited applications for social media. Far beyond sharing photos with your friends, social media offers affordable options for recruiting volunteers, announcing events, disseminating information and expanding your mission fields! This workshop is designed to equip participants with information that will reveal ministry opportunities never before considered.


Nation Mission Institution Visit/Neighborhood Services Organization (includes six sites)

Martha’s Home - provides homeless families with multiple children a three-bedroom unit for up to two years

Gatewood - provides transitional living for homeless, young pregnant women for up to two years

Carolyn Williams Center - a dorm-style complex for homeless young men between 18 - 20 years of age

Dental Clinic - provides care to more than 6,000 patients a year with no insurance or income requirements

WIC Clinic - provides programs in nutrition, parenting and more to more than 100 homeless pregnant women daily

Palo Duro I & II - provides shelter and safety to homeless single adults with a mental illness


Each participant is asked to bring paper goods for use at the six sites of the Neighborhood Service Organization. If you are coming by car or bus and can bring these supplies, they are greatly needed. If you are flying, we ask you to bring a general merchandise gift card or cash. These items will be collected at the registration tables.