Tools: Communication Tips For Local Churches

Placing an emphasis on communications, marketing and advertising is critical for any local church. Along with personal invitation, these are the tools needed to help seekers find their way to your church doorstep—either physically or virtually.

Every local church is encouraged to recruit a Communications Representative that can provide a regular flow of stories to local media for external publicity—and to the Conference for internal communication (Louisiana Now!, conference website, conference Facebook page).

There is a wealth of information about effective communication found at, the official website for The United Methodist Church.

Some of the more helpful links to this information are found under “Tools” to the right hand side of this page.

Visit the Louisiana Annual Conference website regularly,, to see the latest coverage of happenings and ministry in our Conference. Establish and keep current a local church website. Set up a Facebook page, and post anywhere from five to 10 times, weekly, posting church news, conference happenings, denominational news and inspirational pieces.

Use Rethink Church materials to become a more welcoming church. ( Find out more information about church grants that can give financial and communication support to your next big church event.

Contact Rev. Todd Rossnagel, Director of Communication Strategies, to work with your church in developing a Communications Team. He may be reached at (225) 346-1646 or

Help us encourage laity to visit the website and read the Louisiana Now!, which is forwarded in a digital version to every local church in the conference. Please attach the digital file to an email to your members or link it to your church website.

Remember to tell your story to your community! Develop solid relationships with local media and keep them informed of your events and ministry.

Consider moving from a printed church newsletter to a digital format (Constant Contact).

Use Facebook and Twitter to get your message out and direct seekers and members to your website.

Remember, proper communications is an essential ingredient in the mission and ministry of every United Methodist church!

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