As the nation experiences significant unrest – with the death of George Floyd, COVID-19 and more – it’s likely stress and emotions are heightened for many individuals. As a company, supervisor or employee, it can be very difficult to cope and process these events. Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a safe, judgement-free, no-cost-to-you place to talk with a licensed therapist about what you or a household member are feeling or experiencing. On your time, any time, you can connect with a licensed clinician:

  • In-the-moment: talk in real-time, anytime
  • Online: message, chat, phone or video
  • Via telephone: schedule a time to talk via phone
  • Face-to-face: schedule a time to talk with a therapist currently accepting face-to-face appointments

For employees who supervise others, management services such as unlimited consultation with an expert, webinars, tip sheets and more can help:

  • Recognize when an employee may be having a hard time processing these difficult events and how you can help them
  • Guide you through how to safely and effectively talk about difficult topics
  • Promote regular resources to help employees improve their mental health and productivity
  • Help give you the words and tools to refer employees to EAP services

Manage conflict or violence between co-workers or at/on worksites

Simply call the EAP Support Line

at 800-624-5544 to start on any of these journeys.

You can also check out eap.ndbh.com using your company passcode to access resources vetted by psychologists to help process through anger, stress, anxiety, sadness and more. Recommended articles, webinars, training, apps, exercises and more

are available. 

Here are some helpful tip sheets with advice on everything from dealing with a traumatic event to preventing workplace violence​:

Reach out. EAP is here for you and your household.

For the latest news and resources on the COVID-19 pandemic, log in to the EAP page of NDBH.com using your company passcode. Then visit the:

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