The Proposed Solution

The Health Care Task Force is proposing a “Private Exchange” for participants through Via Benefits, in partnership with Wespath.

All participants will have access to multiple Medicare supplement or Advantage plans under one-on-one consultation and assistance.

Additionally, participants will receive an annual $1,200 Health Reimbursement Arrangement, plus access to a grant under a Catastrophic Prescription plan of up to $7,000 per year per participant, ensuring we leave no one behind.

It is estimated that nearly 100% of participants will be in an equal or better cash position. In fact, they will be able change plans from year to year. The savings, which will be significant, will be due to moving our participants to a larger risk pool and spreading the high medical costs over a larger number of people.


  • Allows retirees one on one consultation
  • Provides pre-selected exchange plans
  • Plan can change if circumstances change
  • Nearly 100% of retirees will save or be in a neutral cash position
  • Reduces the CBOPHB’s overall risk
  • Over 20 United Methodist Conferences have adopted a similar plan design with Via Benefits 


  • A very small percentage of retirees will have an increase in out of pocket expenses
  • Some medical plan risks are shifted to the retirees
  • Changing from “defined benefit” to a “defined contribution”

Via Benefits + Conference Office = Assistance You Can Count On

Via Benefits Insurance Services is the nation’s oldest and largest Medicare marketplace, helping over 1.8 million people shop for and select Medicare coverage.

What to expect from Via Benefits

Via Benefits not only gives you access to the nation’s largest Medicare marketplace but also provides you with personalized assistance from one of their licensed benefit advisors, all at no cost. Their benefit advisors are licensed insurance agents trained and certified in the necessary skills to match you to a plan in your area

Personalized step-by-step guidance

Their licensed benefit advisors and easy-to-use online tools will guide you step by step through the Via Benefits marketplace. By the time you’re ready to enroll, you can feel confident you’re choosing the right coverage to fit your needs.

Unbiased, objective support

Via Benefits has licensed benefit advisors that are objective advocates for you. They are paid a salary and have no incentive to steer you into signing up for any specific type of plan or insurance company.

Quality plan options

They, along with the Conference Office, work with leading national and regional insurance companies to ensure you have quality plan options to choose from. Because we will offer a range of options, you may find coverage that is better than your current plan at a lower cost.

Efficient, accurate enrollment

Once you have selected a plan, you will work with an application data processor to complete your application to ensure accurate processing. After your application is submitted, you may track the status with the Conference office.

Support after you enroll

Throughout the year, if you have questions about anything relating to your coverage, we are here to help.


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