Tax Exempt Status

All local churches of the Louisiana Annual Conference are classified as a 501(c)(3) entity under the Group Ruling from the Internal Revenue Service for The United Methodist Church.  Thus, contributions made to the church for charitable purposes are exempt.  The local church must keep records of such contributions and provide statements to donors meeting the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service.

To the right are links to the various letters that you may need from time to time if you are applying for grants.  If you need a letter stating the church is a church of the Louisiana Annual Conference contact the Administrative Ministries Office by telephone at 225-346-1646 or by email addressed to Sandy O'Brien.

While, the local church is covered under this general ruling of the IRS, if you have a separately incorporated day care, outreach mission, or other ministry there needs to be a separate ruling from the IRS.  The link on the right takes you to the GCFA web-site to apply for such exemption on-line. 

A frequent question asked is about sales tax exemption.  In Louisiana, there is no sales tax exemption for non-profits.

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