Support Youth Service Fund

 Hold a YSF FUN-draiser in your local church or youth group!

  • Create and sell Love or Friendship notes hand-delivered at church events or retreats for .50 cents each.
  • Sell “Sweets for Someone Sweet,” candy with notes attached.  Hand deliver or have a pick-up table “post office” at church.
  • Sell paper plates of whipped cream for .50 cents each for a pie-in-the-face throw (or try wet sponges!).
  • Hold sales of box lunches after church; chili after a cook-off;  refreshments at church socials; po-boy sandwiches; or baked goods on Sunday morning.
  • Sponsor a “Festival of Gifts and Talents.”  Vote with money for the best performance… or get every act off the stage ONLY by raising enough money!
  • Sponsor a games and pizza all-nighter for other youth groups; charge admission.
  • Host a “young love” dinner for couples with babysitting, a candlelight dinner and romantic music.
  • Sponsor a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, rock-a-thon, rake-a-thon, etc. with pre-paid pledges.
  • Take donations for babysitting, chores, parents’ night out.
  • Host a themed dance, i.e. Rock-n-Roll, ‘80’s .
  • Offer singing telegrams for Valentine’s Day.
  • Charge admission to a dinner theatre or variety show.
  • Challenge another youth group or district to see who raises the most money.  The group raising the least amount has to do something special… silly… or crazy… that is agreed upon in advance.
  • Cutest baby picture contest (vote with money)
  • YSF Fishbowl for loose change (for the whole congregation)
  • Athletic/social nights (e.g., volleyball game, dance, game night) and charge to participate.
  • Designate a special offering for YSF at your annual Youth Sunday worship service.
  • The YSF Challenge: Sacrifice a soft drink or milk at lunch once a week, and drink water. Give the money saved to YSF. If every United Methodist youth could accomplish this, we could fund every application for help!

For more ideas and information, visit National YSF Website.

2015 Youth Service Fund Sunday is May 3rd

2014 Reciepents

Lake Charles District Youth-Weekend Of The Cross                              $1,300
First UMC, Houma, Louisiana-Youth Led Worship                                 $1,000
St. Paul, UMC, Monroe, Louisiana-Stopping the Attitude of Violence    $1,000
Northshore Weekend Of The Cross                                                       $1,300
Twifu Rural Youth and Women Concern, Ghana                                   $1,150

TOTAL GIVEN                                                                                         $5,750




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