Sunday School

Sunday school.  Church school.  Whatever you choose to call it; coming together for the purpose of learning how the Bible effects our lives and how we can act in the world due to the influence of the Bible – that is important time.  Traditionally, the “Sunday school hour” took place immediately before worship on Sundays.  Today Sunday school may occur before worship, after worship, and sometime during worship.  

We often think of Sunday school as a children’s time.  The initial Sunday school concept was to teach adults to read and write on their only day off – Sunday.  Adults that couldn’t read, could not read the Bible, therefore, the emphasis was to provide them basic skills for the purpose of Biblical instruction.  Today, Sunday school is great for all ages.  A wonderful time for children to come and learn about God’s love for them.  It’s a great time for confirmands to learn church history and Methodist polity.  Youth can use Sunday school to establish deeper roots in their Christian foundation.  Adults can use the time to connect when they are in a larger church, a means to support one another in any church, and a means of growing their faith.  

Your conference contact regarding questions about Sunday School is Donald Shelmire, chairperson of the Conference Board of Discipleship.  He may be reached at


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