Southern University Church Plant

Coming Soon!!

New Church at Southern University Baton Rouge

We are excited to share the vision for a new model of church to reach the college campus and surrounding area.  The current campus ministry facility at Southern University (SUBR) will be transformed into a dynamic hub of ministry for students and young professionals in Baton Rouge!

Click here to see the job posting.


  • Church Plant

    • The vision for this church is to reach the campus of SUBR and young professionals in Baton Rouge, LA

    • There is great opportunity to develop a dynamic Worship experience on campus

  • Social Entrepreneurship -- Coffee House

    • Provide 3rd space for students

    • Supports the financial sustainability of the ministry

  • Ministry Incubator

    • Raise up new young African American leaders

    • Equip and Empower African American Churches in the Louisiana Conference


Spring 2020

  • Planter Search

  • Renovate Building

Back to School

  • Engage Mission Field

  • Preview Services

January 2021

  • Launch

Click here to see the job posting.

To apply email Rhonda Whitley: 

by April 15, 2020.

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