Praying in the Midst of Disaster

Prayer supports all of our ministries and we are all called to continue to pray for those who are in need and for those who are responding.  

We pray for those those suffering…those yet to be affected…

We pray for the first responders…we pray for the children who have difficult questions with difficult answers...

We are also called to pray for our government officials; may they get the rest they need…

And we also pray for our churches; may we all respond with the grace of Jesus Christ.

Below you will find litanies that you can use. 

Prayer for Hurricane Survivors

Jesus, we see you calming storms --
storm-tossed seas and stormy lives.
Extend your power and grace again,
especially upon these most recent storm victims.
Speak peace and healing over bodies and spirits broken by the chaos.

Jesus, speak peace.


Speak peace and hope over families and communities devastated by sudden loss.

Jesus, speak peace.


Speak peace and unity over diverse groups of people
so they would come together for greater provision,
just distribution and effective rebuilding.

Jesus, speak peace.


Speak peace and protection over rescue workers
as they reach out to those who are suffering.

Jesus, speak peace.


You are the Prince of Peace.
You are the Resurrection and the Life.
You are strong to save.

Our hope and trust are in you. Amen.

© 2011 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia. "A Prayer for Storm Survivors" originally appeared on the blog, Turning the Word, as "Prayer for Storm Survivors." Published with permission by Discipleship Ministries.
You are welcome to use this work in a worship setting with proper attribution to the author and a link to her site. For other uses, contact the author at

Prayers for Those Facing Disasters


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These prayers may be offered by families, friends, or small groups who may gather for prayer and mutual support when disasters are at hand — or in their aftermath. The role of the "One" in these prayers may be shared among the group, or it may be given to a single voice within the group.

A Prayer of Confession

All: Almighty God, we confess our need of you.

One: We take so much of our lives for granted, but in the end
we cannot rely on our own strength or that of others.

All: Almighty God, we confess our need of you.
One: We have enjoyed the blessings of self-reliance, but in the end
we cannot rely on our own selves to do what is right or good.

All: Almighty God, we confess our need of you.
One: We have built cities, and levees, and power grids to overcome the power of nature,
but in the end we cannot rely on even the best things we have built.

All: Almighty God, we confess our need of you.
We can rely only on you.
Into your hands we commend our lives,
for you are our Rock and our Redeemer.
Have mercy on us, Lord. Have mercy.

One: When we confess our weakness, God makes us strong.

Another: When we confess our sins, God makes us righteous through Jesus Christ.

All: When we confess our need for God, God draws near.

All to one another: May the peace of God strengthen, cleanse, and hold you,
now and always. Amen.


A Prayer of Praise and Intercession

One: In the midst of darkness, you call forth light.
In the radiance of your light, you invite us to walk into the mystery of your darkness.

All: You are our light in this darkness, O God.
Be our guide, that we may not be afraid to walk where no light shines.

One: You fill your creation with hope for peace,
but you also remind us of nature's destructive power.

All: Shelter us in the midst of storms,
that we may offer shelter to those around us.

One: May we show forth the light of your glory
by offering ourselves in love to all who are hurting,
and all who are helping those who hurt.

All: When all we have is taken away,
still you hold us as your very own.
Blessed are you, Lord God of the universe,
now and forever. Amen.


A Prayer of Lament

One: We have lost everything, Lord:
houses, businesses, paychecks, photos, and even food.

All: Let our cry come to you, O God.

One: We have lost every place, Lord:
Neighborhoods, churches, places we shopped, and worked, and played.

All: Let our cry come to you, O God.

One: We have lost everyone, Lord:
Neighbors, friends, classmates, teachers, colleagues, spiritual guides and companions, even pets.

All: Let our cry come to you, O God.

One: Have you lost us, Lord?


One: We have what health and strength we have, O Lord.
We have this place to gather and offer our cry.
We have one another, some known to us, and some who may have gathered only for this prayer.

All: Our cry has come to you, O Lord.
You hear the voice of our mourning.

One: You draw near to those who are hurting,
lift up those who have been bowed down,
and sustain all who have no other support.

All: We had heard of your compassion with our ears,
But now we see it with our eyes,
And feel it in our bones.

One: You show us your mercy, O Lord.

All: And you grant us your salvation.

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