Pathways is an experience intended for faithful United Methodists to hear, discern, and respond to God’s call to ordained, licensed or certified ministry in The United Methodist Church.

If you have sensed God might be calling you to ordained ministry, wondered what ministry in The United Methodist Church is all about, would like help sifting through issues involved in a Christian vocation, or want to learn more about diverse perspectives from those who have served in full-time ministry or The United Methodist seminaries and theological schools, then this gathering is for you.

A Day Apart 

During this day apart, participants will seek to respond faithfully and effectively to The United Methodist Church’s focus on increasing the number of committed clergy in our denomination by helping individuals explore their gifts and challenge the most gifted and promising people of our denomination to hear God’s call to ministry.

Sacred Space

Pathways creates sacred space for adults of all ages to be in meaningful fellowship, passionate worship, theological reflection, and practical workshops as they discern whether God’s call on their life the faithful steps they must take in response.

Share and Invite

If you feel called to this experience, please register TODAY.  If you are a District Superintendent, pastor, or committed lay person in a United Methodist congregation and you know a person or persons that this event is meant to serve and reach, please share and invite them to register and not miss out!

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