Pastoral Information Forms

Important forms regarding needed pastoral information are listed below. Completion of these forms are required but do not necessarily signal a change in appointment this year. 

The deadline for completing all forms is November 30, 2023 unless requested earlier by your District Superintendent.

The Cabinet asks every pastor and congregation to submit a short profile for our use as appointment-making is undertaken this spring.  Please note:  completing the following forms in no way indicates a desire for an appointment change.  Both profiles can be accessed with the link provided.  

Please note the procedure for the congregational profile.  The profile is to be completed with primary input from the laity, with participation by the pastor. Before it is submitted, it must be perfected and affirmed 
by the Church Council (or corresponding administrative body).  

Itinerancy Form
Completed by the Pastor

Clergy Consultation Form, Request for Appointment
Completed by the Pastor
 SPRC Appointment Consultation Form
Completed by the Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Congregational Profile
Completed by the Church Council (or corresponding administrative body)
Pastor Profile
Completed by the Pastor


You may revisit previously submitted profiles if that is helpful. Please maintain copies of all submitted forms.  

Question about these forms?
Contact your District Superintendent 

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