Rev. Robert E. Carter


Robert Earl Carter was born July 12, 1918 in Carson, Louisiana to Henry Harley Carter and Minnie Horn Carter. In early childhood his family moved to Mississippi where he later joined the Methodist Church. At age 17, when his family attended Camp Meeting in Shiloh, Mississippi in August, he “walked down the sawdust trail” to commit his life to the ministry. But it was during the depression era, and there was no money for college so he worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps. When that job ended, he went back to Morton, where he married Winifred Pace, and the family began to grow. They moved to Louisiana and found work as a carpenter and began to participate in a local Methodist Church where he frequently led prayer meeting and was soon recommended to become a local pastor at a small church called Lewis Chapel in Winn Parish. His first Sunday was January 17, 1943.  Since then he has pastored several churches in the Louisiana Conference. He retired in 1984, but continued to pastor in retirement. His wife, Winnifred, passed away in 2006 and about a year later, he and Margie Francis married. They celebrated 12 years together before she passed away in 2020.

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