Rev. Joseph L. Rountree, Jr.


Joseph L. Rountree, Jr, the first child of Joe and Margaret Rountree, was born in New Orleans, LA. The Rountree family moved from Norco to Baton Rouge in 1943.
Joe grew up in Baton Rouge, graduating from Istrouma High School. He went on to Lon Morris College in Texas before transferring to Centenary College in Shreveport. Returning to Baton Rouge, Joe worked in Family Court before answering the call to ministry.
Joe began his ministry at Crew Lake and Memorial South in Monroe as a student pastor while attending the Course of Study at Perkins School of Theology. God began your preparation to tend his flocks and lead others to Christ. Your faithfulness, compassion for others, a listening heart—all led you to be the perfect fisherman for His kingdom. Joe was elected an Associate Member in 1974.
This began a journey of 33 years, 11 charges, serving 18 congregations. Quite a record for a shy guy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jack Hays UMC in Vinton was where Joe and I “met.” His folks went to my folks wedding in Norco and we were born 6 weeks apart before both families moved to Baton Rouge. Joe not only added new members to his congregation in Vinton, he also added a wife and teen-age daughter, Kelley. Little did we know, in January we would leave the Texas Border for the Arkansas border to Marion UMC and First UMC, Hutting, Arkansas, with two different district superintendents. Our teener was a new high school student in Farmerville. An interesting year!

Joe described his ministry at retirement, 2004’this way. ” While traveling the state, I have met some of God’s finest people, serving most gracious congregations of Methodist Christians. I served with pastors of many different denominations and leaders of civic groups. At times I felt I was whistling in the dark, I was actually whistling the tune of God’s redeeming love.”
Joe again added to his family upon retirement. My parents moved with us to Seabrook, Texas, to be close to Kelley and Kurt Restemyer and our three grans, Leah, Conrad, and Lacey. His ministry continued with volunteer chaplaincy at the Deke Slayton Cancer Center, Clearlake, and San Jacinto Methodist Hospital in Baytown, with cancer patients and those facing end of life issues.        
 At the end of his journey, Kelley summed his life this way: “Rev. Joe Rountree was laid to rest yesterday. It was a nice small service for a man who was happy to be an unassuming servant. I’m sure he heard, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’ We rejoice that he is healed and among those he pastored and loved, resting in the arms of God.”
As his wife, I deem it an honor for us to have lived our lives in service. walking this path with a man of great love for God and his people. Joe loved Annual Conference-- being with Christ’s body of believers. He leaves you this blessing from his last sermon in his local pulpits in Delhi and Crowville:
“May God bless each of you, guide you in all you do, and hold you in the palm of
His hand all the days of your life. Amen and amen.”
                                                                          Judy Rountree, wife of 43 years



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