Nevylon S. (Mrs. James) Hodges



Nevylon Hodges was born on October 20, 1910. She was the wife of Rev. James Hodges. Many years ago, when all of us were much younger, and I began as a student pastor in the Ruston District, I remember some of the people I met early on. One of those couples was Rev. and Mrs. James Hodges.
I remember Mrs. Nevylon as a quiet and caring individual, always supportive of Brother James. She had a deep love of Christ and a smile for those around her. It is her contagious and kind spirit that will remain with those of us who knew her. Her support of Brother James and the churches he served will forever have strong ripples across the memories of those who shared in her life.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 2001, p. 2254 By Jimmie D. Pyles

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