Mrs. Sarojini Welch


Saroj Welch, 96, passed away last Sunday, in the US.

Saroj, along with Carlos Welch, was a pioneer in establishing counselling services in India. Carlos passed away in 2020.

Trained as a psychiatric social worker in the US, Saroj and Carlos came back to India and set up counselling practice and training in Jabalpur, Vellore, Bangalore and New Delhi. They were one of the earliest teaching members of the ITAA who spread the word and spirit of TA in India, since the 1970s.

They also served as missionaries of the Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church for 42 years developing Pastoral Care & counselling programs for pastors and establishing counselling centres and programs for people in general.

They were founding members of Parivarthan, counselling and training center, in Bengaluru.
Many of the SAATA trainers have had the privilege of learning from Saroj and Carlos in their formative years, being part of their many therapy and training marathons.

Saroj, with her characteristic powerful presence and caring interventions, has touched and transformed many lives.

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