Minns Sledge Robertson



JULY 10, 1913 – MAY 12, 2010
Minns Sledge Robertson was born at Riverton, Louisiana, July 10, 1913. He graduated from a Columbus, Georgia high school in 1930. Minns felt God was calling him to be a minister for years. One day during cloudy weather, Minns was praying to God for direction for his life. He asked God, “If you want me to preach, let it rain.” It started raining immediately. He asked God, “So I can be sure, make it stop.” The rain stopped immediately. He again asked God, “So I can be absolutely sure, let it rain again.” It started raining immediately. Minns then asked God, “Open the way for me to preach.” God did open the way through family members and members of the church.
Minns attended LSU and married Dorothy Louise Galloway in 1934. They had 6 children during their lives together, Dorothy Ann, Minns Sledge Jr., James Wallace, Florence Emily, Paul Arthur, and Mary Catherine. Minns graduated from LSU and joined the Louisiana Methodist Conference in 1936. Angie, Mt Hermon, Fisher and Sunny Hill, Louisiana were his first appointment. He earned $731 a year. Minns was appointed to Jenkins Memorial church in Raleigh, North Carolina to attend Duke University as a seminary student. He returned to Louisiana for an appointment to serve at St. Francisville, New Hope, Tunica and Concord for a year. Redan, Belmont, Rockland and Rock Chapel, Georgia was his next appointment so that he could attend Emory University. The next appointment was the Salem Circuit, Almond, Prospect and Shapping Shoals, Georgia to continue his studies. Minns then returned to Houma, Louisiana and finished his Divinity Degree from Emory by directed studies in 1941. While there he served the Houma Heights, French Mission at Pointe-A-Chene and Dulac congregations. His next appointments were Slidell (1943), Winnsboro (1946), Oakdale (1948), Melville and Palmetto (1950), Farmerville (1952), Marksville (1953), Felicity Methodist Church in New Orleans (1957), Metairie (1958), Tangipahoa and Pine Hill (1959), and then Columbia and Hebert (1962).
His wife Dorothy Ann died in 1963. Minns remarried a member of the Columbia Methodist Church in 1964, Mildred Ann Fluitt Etier. Mildred had two children, Alexis Ann Etier and Karen Denise Etier. Minns and Mildred had one child, Tobin Andrew.
Minns’ next appointments were Sterlington and Bartholomew (1965), Cameron and Grand Chenier (1972) and Barksdale Methodist in Bossier City (1980) before he officially retired.
Minns continued to preach full time at Trout and Georgetown (1983), and Grayson and Urania (1989) until he exited preaching in 1993 after 57 years as a minister.
Minns and Mildred moved to Columbia, Louisiana where they lived until 2005. They then moved to Texarkana, Texas where Minns went to be with the Lord in May 2010.
Minns had nine (9) children, 28 grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren.

Minns’s life was devoted to God, Christ and family until his death. He touched many lives along his journey here on Earth and led many to the Lord.

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