Holmes, Mrs. W.W.



March 23, 1876-November 29, 1966
                Mrs. W. W. Holmes, one of the grand ladies of Louisiana Methodist, died in Baton Rouge Nov. 29, 1966 at the age of 90. The services at the Wm. B. Reily University Methodist Church were conducted by Rev. Jack Cooke, her present pastor, and Dr. W. E. Trice, who was her pastor since the death of Dr. W. W. Holmes in New Orleans in 1946.
                She was born in Bristol, Tenn. March 23, 1876. Her family moved to New Orleans in 1904, where she met and married a young minister, Rev. W. W. Holmes, Dec. 19, 1907.
                With the passing of this gracious lady of the Methodist parsonage so many of us pause to remember with deep affection the fruitful ministry of Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Holmes, who touched and transformed so many lives in their beloved Louisiana Conference. They were a team; and during their service years on the New Orleans district they enriched the lives of their preachers and inspired their parsonage families with hope, vision and dedication.
                Mrs. Holmes held her values always in proper proportion during the heavy demands of parsonage life. Her husband and children came first, and her devotion to them was a measure of her own calling from God.
                After the death of Dr. Holmes she moved to Baton Rouge where her children reside and where she devoted many years to various activities in the University Methodist Church. Dr. W. E. Trice was her pastor and found in her a true friend, counselor and inspiration.
                Dr. Trice and Dr. Jas. T. Harris, so closely associated with her and Dr. Holmes, speak eloquently of her gracious qualities as a woman, a home maker, and a church leader. On all occasions she was a gracious hostess and in this expressed her love for people. She sparkled with a sense of humor making herself the center of her wit. She remained ever a student of the Bible and served with great effectiveness in the Church School and Woman’s Society of Christian Service. The many lives she touched will forever be enriched because she passed this way.
                Her great host of friends bid her farewell and turn in gratitude to God who gave this life to us in this generation.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1967; p. 227       By Bentley Sloane

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