McCoy, Lucy (Mrs. Franklin J.)



                Aunt Lucy was dearly loved wherever she served with her preacher-husband, “Brother Mac.” Soft of speech, a captivating chuckle, a twinkle in her eyes when amused, careful in her use of the English grammar and even more careful in her Christian witness, these were her distinguishing queenly attributes.
                I remember her as one who was faithful in meeting all the demands of life, and especially so as a minister’s wife. She had the rare ability not to be annoyed by the trivial things in life. She kept her energies for the big things in life. In addition to the normal duties of a housewife, she sang in the choir, taught a Sunday School class (I was privileged to be one of her Sunday School boys), and was an active member of the Missionary Society. She adorned the Gospel with her life. She could say with Emerson, “We find in life exactly what we put in”, or “It matters not how long you live, but how well”. She left this world a better place for having lived in it!
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1966; p. 227       By B. Joseph Martin

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