Blakely, Marilyn Jackson (Mrs. William C.)



May 24, 1936-June 21, 1962
                Mrs. Marilyn Jackson Blakely was born in San Angelo, Texas on May 24, 1936 to Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Jackson. She died on June 21, 1962. In the brief period between these two dates she lived a full life. She was graduated from the San Angelo High School, the San Angelo Junior College, and Southern Methodist University. She received her college degree in 1957. She was graduated with honors from all three institutions. At S.M.U. she met William C. Blakely, a ministerial student, whom she married. They had two beautiful daughters, Carolyn Jean and Charlotte Faye.
                Her husband was pastor of Bodessa, Associate Pastor of Univesity Church in Lake Charles, and Golden Meadow-Grand Isle.
                She met her responsibilities in the home and church. She was the granddaughter of a Methodist minister and always had the feeling she would be called to parsonage life. She enjoyed this parsonage career and held it as her highest calling and ambition.
                At the tender age of 26 she succumbed to a tragic malignancy. Her courage and faith during the long months of suffering were an inspiration to all who knew her.
                She lived well, laughed often, and loved God’s world. She won the respect of adults and the love of children. She filled her niche ably, and left the world better than she found it.
She appreciated the beauty in God’s world and looked for the best in others. She gave the best she had to her husband, her daughters, and to all.
                We pay deserved tribute to her courageous spirit. It is too noble to be mortal.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1963; p. 271       By Henry A. Rickey

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