Raulins, Ida Emma (Mrs. Don B.)



July 18, 1961
                 Up in cold Illinois, nearly 75 years ago, a winsome girl, later to become Mrs. D. B. Raulins, was born as Ida Emma Hammack. The Hammacks were strong, substantial leading citizens of Springerton, a thriving agricultural section of Southern Illinois.
                Little Emma Hammack grew up attending the local public schools. Meanwhile, far down in Mississippi, there was this ambitious beaming youth, Don B. Raulins, hungering for more education than his rural schools offered. He came to Tennessee College, lapping up Latin, Greek, Math, etc. like a thirsty hound. D. B. R. was half-way through his college course, when, behold! The magnetic maiden from Illinois enrolled as a voice student! This writer watched with growing interest the platonic courtship of these two characters unfolding.
                What melodious, captivating voice Emma Hammack had! And a merry laugh and elusive smile! Also, a deep spiritual nature.
                Inevitably, it seemed, on September 2, 1914, at Carmi, Illinois, Rev. D. B. Raulins and Miss Emma Hammack were married—for keeps! It was a blessed, happy union. Through that union came three talented daughters. Mrs. Raulins was a devoted wife, a careful, sacrificial mother, mistress of the manse, a prudent, practical person. In all her husband’s varied and difficult assignments Mrs. Raulins was the balancing and effective lady of the home! She was a Christian without pretense, or guile! 
Her husband preceded her to the Glory Land! After his demise she removed to Ruston, bought a modest little home and aided in her daughters’ higher education.
                The final years were spent, as health permitted, as part-time church visitor of Trinity Methodist Church, endearing herself to the entire Ruston community, as never before. She fell on sleep at Ruston, July 18, 1961.
                The funeral was held in her beloved Trinity, Rev. D. L. McGuire and Rev. E. E. Morgan, Jr., officiating. Interment was in Greenwood Cemetery, Ruston.
                She is survived by three lovely, highly educated daughters: Dr. Rebecca Raulins, Professor of Chemistry, Wyoming State University; Prof. Edith Cavell Raulins, McNeese State College, Lake Charles, La.; Professor Elizabeth Raulins, State Librarian, L.S.U. Also a younger brother, H. E. Hammack of Springerton, Ill.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1962; p. 253       By Dean R. E. Smith

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