McGowen, Dorothy Mae



March 17, 1932 – 1994

                Dorothy Mae McGowen was born in West Monroe, Louisiana, on March 17, 1932. Her parents were T. J. and Evvie McGowen. Dorothy was one of seven children born to this union. Her brothers and sisters are George McGowen, James McGowen, Jo Ann Dumas, Thelma Aulds, Irma Krawec and Mary Etta Eagleson. 
Before going into the ministry at the age of 41 Dorothy attended college at Northeast Louisiana University and graduated with a degree in nursing. She worked at hospitals in Monroe.
                Dorothy was originally a member of the Assemblies of God Church, but joined Southside United Methodist Church in 1967 under the leadership and guidance of Rev. Lea Joyner. She made her commitment to the ministry in 1973 and went to seminary from May, 1973, until May, 1975.
                Dorothy’s first appointment was the Epps-Floyd charge in 1975-76. Other appointments served were Montgomery Circuit, Kinder-Oberlin, Parker Memorial-Felicity, Calhoun, Cedar Grove, Pleasant Hill, Marion, Trinity, and Glenmora.
                Because of poor health Dorothy had taken disability leave in June, 1992.
                Dorothy had many struggles through her years, but always loved God and served Him to the best of her ability. I’m sure many lives were touched through her ministry.
Source: Louisiana Conference Journal, 1994; p. 255                       Mrs. Bennie T. Fuller

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