Samford, Thomas



Rev. Thomas Samford closed his earthly pilgrimage in the city of Jefferson, Texas, on the twenty-eighth of July 1871, it being the eighty-third anniversary of his birth.
He was ordained a Deacon by Bishop George in July 1821, and by the same Bishop was set apart to the office of Elder in February 1824. In the days of his strength he was a preacher of great power and influence in the Church. He lived in Jefferson the last three years. His pastor there reported him as a “meek, patient servant of God waiting for his release from suffering and for the reward of fidelity.”
His death was more the result of cessation of the life power than disease. The weary wheels of life showed signs of a loss of momentum on Wednesday afternoon; a profound coma ensued, and respiration was disturbed but without consciousness of pain. On Thursday he uttered indistinctly a few words indicative of triumph, and on Friday evening the wheels stopped their sluggish motion. The silver cord was loosed, the golden bowl was broken, and all that was spiritual and immortal of his renowned father mounted on high and gravitated to the centre of all good. He was a superannuated member of the Louisiana Annual Conference for more than twenty years. His Conference has ever had the highest appreciation of his character, and now have hope in his death.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1871

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