Vance, James Madison


1816 - May 1879
James Madison Vance was in the city of Nashville, Tenn. A. D. 1816. He came to the city of New Orleans when ten years old, He was in the ministry for forty years and was among the first colored Presiding Elders of our church. He served for several years as Presiding Elder of the Shreveport and Opelousas Districts, during the early days of missionary work among our people in the South. He was pastor for a number of years of Wesley Chapel and Union Chapel in the city of New Orleans.
The payment of long-standing obligations against these church properties, and the marked temporal and spiritual improvements made during his stay at• both churches, together with his ample labors and successes are remarkable evidences of his worth as an earnest worker in the interest of our great and holy calling. He died in the mouth of May, A. D. 1879, at the advanced age of 63 years.
He died as he had lived, an honored soldier of our blessed Redeemer.
Rev. A.. E. P. Albert administered to him during his painful and prolonged illness. To him he declared, only a few hours before he died, that” all was well,” that he” ha& peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” He said his wife: “Ma, I’m being born& away on the wings of angels.” He called his sons James and Charles gave them a dying- charge to meet him in heaven and peacefully passed away to the home of the blest, to mansions in the skies.
His remains were conveyed to their last resting from Union Chapel, followed by a vast concourse of sincere and devoted friends and mourners, and put away with due Christian and Masonic ceremonies. He left his wife, two sons and a vast multitude of friends to mourn his loss. Peace be to his ashes, till he and us shall be awakened from the sleep of death to take our places in the highest Heaven.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, 1880

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