Borden, J. Lane



This beloved Brother was born in Newberne, Green County, Alabama in 1845, of highly respectable parentage. When a little boy he was converted under the ministry of Rev. F. J. Grace, who afterward prepared him for college. In 1866 he entered the Southern University, in which institution he acquired a finished education. In 1869 he came to Louisiana and was a Professor in Homer College for one session. From thence he went to Trenton and engaged in teaching. In January 1870, he was admitted on probation in the Louisiana Annual Conference and ap-pointed to Trenton and Monroe as junior preacher with Rev. Chas. F. Evans, preacher in charge. At this palace he was particularly noted for his efficiency among the children in the Sabbath School. In 1871-72 he was appointed to Trenton Circuit; in 1873 he was President of Homer College; in 1874-75 he was at Moreau Street Church in New Orleans; on Vernon Circuit in 1876; at Monroe and Delhi in 1877-78; at Mansfield station in 1879-80; and reappointed to the Presi-dency of Mansfield Female College in 1881-82-83, in which capacity he served acceptably till his death, which occurred at the close of the spring session of the past year.
Brother Borden was ordained Elder by Bishop Kavanaugh in 1872. As to his ordination to Deacon’s orders, committee has no information.
He was married to Miss Ollie Shepherd of Trenton, La., in 1871, whom he leaves with six little children in a dependent condition.
During the connection of Brother Borden with this Conference, from 1870 to 1883 inclu-sive, there has never been a complaint presented to this Conference against him.
On the 16th of June last he fell by the hand of violence and now fills an untimely grave.
Your committee would heartily commend the widow and children to your fostering care and pray the blessing of Almighty God upon them.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1883

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