Landrum, Jephtha



Rev. Jeptha Landrum was born in Pike County, Ala., August 25, 1825; served in the Mexican War; graduated from the Law Department of the University of Louisiana in 1861; was for some time Chaplain in the Confederate service. He was happily married to Miss Missouri C. Butterworth, of Mansfield, La., January 21, 1864, and died at his home in West Melville on October 18, 1887.
In 1854 Bro. Landrum entered the Louisiana Conference, was assigned to Natchitoches Circuit and remained there during 1855. In 1856 he served the North Bossier Circuit, and in 1857 Thibodeaux Station. In 1858 he was assigned to Atchafalaya Circuit. In 1859 and 1860 he served Cadiz Street Church, New Orleans. In 1861 he served the North Bossier Circuit, was stationed at Opelousas in 1862, and Manfield in 1863. In 1864 he was appointed to Mansfield Circuit, and in 1865 to DeSoto Circuit.
At the Conference held in Mansfield December 1865, Bro. Landrum withdrew from the Conference and entered into secular pursuits; but in 1877 he again entered the ministry and was employed on East Point Circuit. In 1878 and 1879 he traveled Madison Circuit. In 1880 he was sent to Tensas Circuit and was returned in 1881, but in August of that year was removed by his Presiding Elder, Rev. B. F. Alexander, to Winnsboro Circuit. In 1882 he traveled the Floyd Circuit, and in 1883 Rayville Circuit. In 1884 and 1885 he labored on the Rapides Circuit, in 1886 was sent to Simmsport Circuit, and in 1887 to Melville Circuit, where he ended his life and labors. His last illness was long and painful, continuing through sixty-five days, during fifty of which he was given up by the physicians to die. During these days of intense suffering no word of murmuring was heard, not even a prayer that his sufferings might be less, or the period shortened, because he wanted to be made perfect through sufferings and submitted to Him who doeth all things well. His consciousness continued to the last, and in answer to the question asked by his sorrowing, yet patient, wife, “Does Jesus save you now?” he replied, distinctly, “Yes, that He does;” and, raising his hands triumphantly, exclaimed: “Up, up, up, rejoice!” and ceased to breathe. Thus Bro. Landrum passed away from earth, doubtless to enter the jasper walls and pearly gates of the New Jerusalem.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1887

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