Johnston, J.F.


J.F. Johnston
- 1893
The Committee has been unable to secure any reliable data as to the birth, either as to place or date, of our Brother J. F. Johnston, and will therefore be compelled to speak of him in a general way.
Brother J. F. Johnston was received upon trial into the Louisiana Conference at its session at Lake Charles in December 1892, and was appointed to serve the Spring Creek Circuit. He had not more than reached his work, when he was taken violently i1l and sometime during the months of January or February of the year 1893 was called to his reward.
Brother Johnston was a man of rare Christian character, simple in faith, pure in heart, holy in walk and life. This writer was his pastor for four years, he being a member of the Franklin Station, Opelousas District, Louisiana Conference. So pronounced was the Christian character of Brother Johnston that all who came in contact with him were immediately impressed with the fact that they were in the presence of a servant of God and “took knowledge” of him that “he had been with Jesus.” Though a man of small means and the father of a large family, he was ever cheerful and happy, had no fear that the Lord would not provide the daily bread, was never so much absorbed in worldly affairs that he had not the time for spiritual concerns, and more markedly than any man it was ever the fortune of this writer to know, “Rendered unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and unto God the things which are God’s.” Brother Johnston was in the local ranks for some years, and was a most effective preacher. He spoke “as one having authority” and the spirit of conviction and comfort attended the word at his utterance. Men loved him for his worth, and God honored his integrity. Such was his life before men and his end was peaceful.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1893, Page 31; by T. E. Faunt Le Roy

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