Wailes, Albert M.


- 1894
The Committee on Memoirs finds itself unable at this time to furnish to the Conference any reliable data of our deceased brother’s life and labors amongst us. For many years Brother Wailes had been in feeble health, unable to enter upon the pastoral work, and has consequently sustained a supernumerary relation to the Conference, serving God and helping humanity by teaching.
Faithful in the execution of this trust, and consistent and pure as a Christian minister, he annually passed the examination of character with the welcome endorsement of his brethren, and their just verdict —“Nothing against him.” In the hope and Christian confidence of his brethren, we may surely trust, that the same glad verdict met him at the threshold of our “Father’s House.”
Your Committee offers the following Resolutions:
Resolved, First, That the prayers and sympathies of the Conference be offered for his bereaved family, and a page of our Minutes devoted to his memory;
Resolved, Second, That the Committee be permitted to prepare a suitable memoir and forward the same to the Secretary of the Conference for publication.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1894, Page 24; by James A. Parker

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