Bryan, Jr., James M.


Nov. 28, 1847 - 1898
Rev. Jas. M. Bryan, Jr. the son of Rev. James M Bryan and Matilda Bryan, was born at Woodlawn, Assumption Parish, La., November 28, 1847. He always was pious and loving. He was converted in 1866 and joined the itinerancy in 1887. He served Klotsville 4 years and gained the respect of white and colored. He was next appointed to Sorrell where he served one year and was much loved by every body. His next appointment was at Pearl River and Slidell where he served four years and gained many friends. He was next appointed to Darrowville. He labored there one year and seven months whence God called him from labor to reward.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1898