Payne, Charles H.


- 1899
The Rev. Dr. Payne, who fell asleep in Jesus only a few months ago was one of nature’s noblemen, and one of those heroic of the spiritual, royal priesthood of which we was for many years an honored member. Scholarly, cultured, wise and able, he was especially distinguished as an abolitionist, a defender of the rights and character of our race, and a cultured education. As an abolitionist, he was as resolute as Loyal Garrison, but as trustful in God, and the ultimate triumph of his cause as Sojourner Truth. As a defender of the rights and character, he was ever ready to take his place along by our side, whatever privation, inconvenience or danger was involved. As an education he was one fo the best professors of commonsense. For many years he served as College President until called by the church to the administration of the chairman of the Board of Education. In this office he served with a singular faith, devotion and success that it seemed as if the very pillars of that cause had been removed. He has built an enduring memory in our hearts, a memory that the teeth of time shall never crumble into dust. Peace be with you.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1899.

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