Kynett, A.J.


- 1899
In common with our world wide Methodist we bow in humble submission to the Almighty Providence that has bereft us of the presence, and inspiration of this prince and mighty man that has fallen, the Rev. A. J. Kynett, D. D. L. L. D.
It is difficult for us to realize the fact that Dr. Kynett no longer marshals the mighty host of Methodist in the building of two and three churches every day. His name and new churches were synonymous terms.
The ministry of this distinguished man of God, was characterized by two mountain peaks of special eminence; the one was his building of churches for the masses; the other his unyielding and relentless effort for the suppression of the evil of the age, the American liquor traffic and Saloon.
The Church entrusted to his care the building of her churches, for over thirty years. And when the Reaper came for his translation he was found at his post dealing effective blows against the arch enemy of God and man, the dreadful, sin polluting, soul and body destroying Saloon.
The last lines that it was my pleasure to receive from him came a few months, before his death. It was a letter thanking me for the settlement of a $400 debt with a Church Extension donation of $150.
He was gratified with our success in the compromise effected, and the settlemen, verifying that the church was freed of debt and all parties satisfied. Grand heroic man of God, he has gone to his reward. And we shall rejoice in his gain. He now rest from his labors and his works do follow hi.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1899.

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