Jackson, Susan E. Murry (Mrs. George)


August 25, 1834 - October 29, 1903
Mrs. Susan E. Jackson (nee Murry) was born August 25, 1834, in Dublin, Ireland, and died at her home at Lecompte, Louisiana on October 20, 1903. Sister Jackson was converted and joined the church in her girlhood days, and lived a most beautiful life for about fifty years, when God called her home. On August 25, 1863, she was married to the Reverend George Jackson, then a member of the North Mississippi Conference, now an honored superannuate of our own Louisiana Conference. For forty years she was one of the tried and faithful heroines of the Methodist itinerancy, and in her quiet unassuming way did much for the advancement of the cause of her Lord and Master. Being (as all such women are) the power behind the throne that pushes out the weary itinerant, inspiring and encouraging him on to battle and to victory. She was the mother of three children, two of whom, with their father, remain to mourn their loss. Sister Jackson’s lot in life was for the most part a hard one, serving as they did many large, hard works with only a very meager support as a material compen-sation; but, with all this, her life was one of submission to the Master’s will.
It was the writer’s privilege to know her, as her pastor, the last two years of her life, and to witness the beauty of her devotion to her church and her God. In her last days of affliction, though her reason was partially dethroned, her faith never wavered, and her Christian experience was as bright and clear as the noonday sun. Thus closed a life of toil and sacrifice in this world of trial and hardships, and dawned one of eternal peace and joy in that world of everlasting bliss.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1903; Pages 74-75, by L. L. Roberts

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