Carter, Clara L. (Mrs. C.W.)


June 14, 1849 - October 30, 1906
Mrs. Clara L. Carter, nee Pentecost, was born in Natchez, Miss., June 14, 1840. She graduated from the public schools of New Orleans in 1858, and was married to Mr. C. W. Carter in Tensas Parish, March 17, 1859. When, two years later, he decided to enter the Methodist ministry, she gladly consented, and became his - faithful helpmeet in all the varying experiences of that ministry. She passed from her earthly labors at Arcadia, La., Oct. 30, 1906.
One who knew her well sums up thus the springs of her religious life:
“Her religious experience was clear and constant. Her bible was her daily guide, and prayer was her supreme delight, and her con-fidence in God was unshakable.”
This religious life, added to a clear mind, a cheerful disposition and a loving heart, were the elements of strength with which she wrought. Her last Illness was protracted, and for months she waited in comparative helplessness for the end. Those who ministered to her during these months of sickness realized that suffering was having its refining effect, and that she was calmly longing for deliverance.
It was in the home, and as the wife and mother that most of her work was done. There for nearly half a century she shared with her honored husband the trials and burdens of the Methodist Itinerancy, and devoted herself to the training of the children whom God gave her. Only when the full account of that ministry, of which she was the silent helper, shall have been finished and the characters of the children whom she successfully reared to maturity shall be judged, can her life be fully estimated. Of the six children left behind, two are ministers of the gospel, occupying places of honor in the church.
In the results of her husband’s ministry and in the lives of her children must her memoir be chiefly preserved.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1906, page 53, by W. W. Drake.

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