Clark, Sr. , Elijah Harp


Elijah Harp CLARK, Sr.
March 16, 1859 - Oct. 12, 1909

“Soldier of Christ well done!
Praise be thy new employ
And while eternal ages run
Rest in thy Savior's joy

“Tranquil amid alarms,
It found him on the field,
A veteran, slumbering on his arms
Beneath his Red Cross shield.”

The Reverend Elijah Harp Clark was born before Emancipation on March 16, 1848 , 49 or 50 in Virginia to Peter Clark and his wife. He had several siblings including Reverend Peter W. Clark, George Clark and Robert Clark. He met and married Victoria Maestri (Mastique) Clark . To this union nine children were born, five sons and four daughters. Their sons were Peter George, Theodile Elijah, Elijah Clark, Jr. (John Wise), Hezekiah Leonard, and Sylvester S. Clark. Their daughters were Rose/Rosa, Mary Jane, Lucinda and Theresa Clark.
There were fifteen grandchildren born to their nine children. Peter George had three sons, George Finnegan, Charles Wilkerson, and Peter Alix. Theodile also had three children, two sons, Theodile and Moses, Sr., and a daughter Rosa Clark. The Reverend Hezekiah Leonard Clark had nine children, four sons, Elijah, Ralph, Victor and Hezekiah Leonard Clark, Jr. and five daughters, Rebecca , Victoria , Audrey, Thessalonia and Marnette. In addition, they had (49) great-grandchildren to make up the third generation of Clarks .
Elijah was ordained at St. Matthews Church, located in Algiers , Louisiana . He was ordained a Methodist minister on December 8, 1877 , (Methodist Episcopal Church). On January 28, 1870 , he was commissioned a supernumerary of the Metropolitan Police Department (now known as the New Orleans Police Department).
He served in the Union Army, from September 16, 1864 through October 5, 1866 , as a private. He was assigned to Company “B” 96th “Colored Infantry Regiment.” This was the war of the rebellion, “The Civil War.” Throughout his life, Reverend Elijah Clark was instrumental in assisting to establish the Methodist Church in Louisiana .
He also served on many Louisiana conference appointments and committees. There is an extensive amount of accomplishments and achievements of Reverend Elijah Clark.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1909; Hezekiah Clark, Jr.

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