Moore, Wilson


March 5, 1862 - October 28, 1911
. Rev. Wilson Moore was born in Arkansas, March 5, 1862, and died at Glen-mora, La., October 28, 1911. Brother Moore was admitted on trial into the Louisiana Conference in 1885, serving twenty years in its active ministry, two years a superannuate and four years a member of the Little Rock Conference.
He was sent to the following works in Louisiana: 1885, Spring Creek Circuit, 1886, Trinity Circuit; 1888, Centerville Circuit; 1889, Sugartown; 1890, Centerville; 1891 and 1892, Bayou Chicot; 1898, Ada; 1894, Atlanta; 1895 and 1896, Wesley; 1897, West Bossier; 1898 and 1899, Superannuate; 1900, Logansport; 1901, Many and Fort Jesup; 1902, Zwolle; 1903, Transferred to Little Rock; 1908 and 1909, Eden Circuit; 1910, Fullerton and Oakdale.
His opportunities for an education and to prepare himself for the ministry were limited. He labored under many disadvantages, being a long sufferer from bronchial and other troubles. He served many hard places and had to surmount many difficulties, yet determined to succeed and did. I knew him for many years but never heard him really complain. It was my pleasure to have had him for my pastor while he was on Wesley Circuit, also to have been pastor of his family this year.
Brother Moore was a good, clear preacher of the Gospel, a faithful pastor and loved the life he preached. Many were converted during his ministry. He had many friends to whom his deafness was a great shock. He leaves a wife, three sons, a mother and many relatives and friends to mourn his departure. May God comfort the loved ones.
“He fought a good fight, kept the faith,” hence has received the crown of righteousness.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1911, page 58, by E. L. Cargill.

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