Tucker, Belzara Millican (Mrs. R.W.)


May 19, 1864 - December 12, 1912
Mrs. R. W. Tucker was born May 19, 1864. Her maiden name was Belzara Millican; her
childhood was spent amid the gracious influences of a simple but godly home; and the fruits of this early environment ‘were seen in her conversion to Christ in her young girlhood. She at once united with the Methodist Church and all through life remained a consistent and devoted member.
On the 28th day of September 1882, she was married to Rev, H. W. Tucker, and from then till the day of her passing constantly exhibited the virtues of a true and faithful helpmeet. As mother of five sons and one daughter she found her life’s calling in her home, and there day by day through the strong yet subtle influence of Christian example and training, she fulfilled that calling with industry and loving zeal. She adorned the doctrine of God her Savior in the threefold function of wife, of mother, and of friend; and no one could visit the parsonage where Sister Tucker resided and not feel the influence of her truly Christian life.
She was a loyal co-worker with her husband in the ministry of the Gospel; for him and his
work she put forth every effort of hand and head and heart. Among the many faithful women who have made the Methodist itinerancy such a power for good Sister Tucker stood in the front rank for loyalty ‘and consecration to her providential Portion of the task. The circumstances of her death were doubly sad by reason of the Suddenness of her summons. On December 12, 1912, while her husband and sons were in attendance upon the session of the Annual Conference, she was stricken; and despite all that prayer and tender care on the part of friends and loved ones could avail, she passed from us to her Father’s house.
The keynote of Sister Tucker’s life was devotion, to God, to her home, and to her community. No fitter sentence can be framed to describe her life than the tribute carved upon her tomb.
“She hath done what she could.”
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1913, pages 63-64, , by Thomas Carter.

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