Jenkins, Susan Monroe (Mrs. M.G.)


March 22, 1846 - November 28, 1916
Sister Jenkins, wife of Rev. M. G. Jenkins, an honored superannuate of the Louisiana Annual Conference, died In San Antonio, Texas, on Sunday, November 28, 1915, and her remains were buried in Mineola, Texas. She was the daughter of Malcom and Susan Monroe, being born in Thomas County, Georgia, on March 22, 1846.
Sister Jenkins gave her hand in marriage to Brother Jenkins on July 7, 1865, being but
nineteen years of age. Her marriage took place in the home of her birth amid familiar scenes and among the friends of her childhood. She was trained by parents and over walked in the faith so beautifully pointed out to her by their faithful living. Her young life developed into a beautiful young womanhood. She was converted in early life and joined the Southern Methodist Church and was ever a noble exponent of its teachings.
We learn that her last months on earth subjected her to intense pain, but that she bore the same with Christian fortitude. All that loving friends and physicians could do was unavailing, and on November 28th, 1915, this aged saint entered into rest saying but a short time before death claimed her, “My dear Savior has heard my prayer.”
Gathered with the family as she passed away were Rev. J. B. Harrison, President or the San Antonio Female College, and President Wesley Peacock, each of whom glowing tributes to our departed sister. Both knew her well and could and did bear testimony to her consistent and beautiful life.
She was the constant companion of her husband for over fifty years, and amid all the joys, trials and victories of a long itinerant life she was “true as steel,” as one knew her well has appropriately said: “Wherever her itinerant life led, whether it in Georgia, Louisiana, or in Texas, she went reads to do for her Lord and Master, faithfully she did her part in His Kingdom. She was the mainstay and comfort of’ husband, and especially during these later days of his superannuation. Many beside those of her kin and household were helped by the touch of her hand, the sweetness of her words of love and sympathy, and the resplendent living before them of the Christ-life.”
She leaves one daughter, Mrs. Lula Harris, and one sister, Mrs. Estefle Drennan of Houston, Texas. “Separated for a while, our brother and her daughter and all loved her In God’s good time shall again be with her and be at home with God forever and forever.”
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1916, pages 61-62 , by. Jno. F. Foster.

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