Holt, Allynn Percy


Dec. 3, 1876 - Nov. 14, 1918
The subject of this sketch Allyn Percy Holt, was born in Mississippi, but spent most of his life in Louisiana. He was born on December 3rd, 1876, and died on November 14, 1918. He received diplomas from the Peabody Normal, University of Nashville, and graduated in law from the University of Virginia.
On the following Thursday after his death the Bar of Crowley held a memorial service in his honor. I insert one paragraph from many others equally complimentary and showing the very high esteem of his fellow lawyer;:
"This Bar recognizes that in the death of Allynn Percy Holt it has lost one of its most learned and esteemed members. A true Christian gentleman who lived the life that he taught, clean, upright and ethical, devoted to his family, true to his God and to his profession and friends; lie has left the richest of all heritages a spotless name."
The Crowley Church in all its activities and especially the Sunday school misses and will miss Brother Holt. I do not doubt but that he heard the "well clone, good and faithful servant."
Some thirty minutes before he gassed out, the writer asked him this question: "Percy, is there anything better than Christianity?" His answer was. clear as a cloudless sky, "No, the world has never found anything better than Christianity, and of course it never will, and when this war is over the world is going to embrace Christianity as never before, and then it will be seen that Christianity is no failure." After this he spoke only once, which was to call Mrs. Holt.
The immediate cause of his death was the influenza, but he had not been strong for some time before. He died, but his work in Crowley will live on and clothed in the spiritual body. We expect to meet him again. His pastor,
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1918, page 58, by. R. W. Tucker

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