Holder, Archie Columbus


July 19, 1874 - 1919
Rev. Archie Columbus Holder was born July 19, 1874, at Shiloh, Texas. When seven years of age be was converted, and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. And while quite young he felt the divine call to preach the gospel. The assurance that this call was from God decided him for his life work. After years of study, he graduated from the Cumberland University with A. B. and Ph. D. degrees.
He joined the Memphis Conference and served as pastor for five years. Was transferred by Bishop Morrison to the Louisiana Conference in 1904, and served as pastor in the Louisiana Conference for five years. He then located to go into the Evangelistic Work and labored for ten years as general evangelist in the M. E. Church, South, making a total of twenty years in the ministry. Brother Holdler believed the Bible as our fathers did. He had no patience with destructive, higher criticism. He preached repentance, faith and conversion.
Brother Holder was a true devoted husband and father. He died as he lived, busy In the Master’s work. I heard him preach only once. I think his text was “1 know in whom I have believed.” This seemed to be his positive experience and It brought to him joy and peace? The narrow stream is crossed, burdens layed aside, palms of victory he waves, and a crown of glory he wears.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1919, page 61, by. K. W. Dodson.

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