Ponder, Dred Thornton


Dred Thornton PONDER
1861 - 1920
The angels have visited the Louisiana Conference and Rev. W. P. Mason
has joined the Church Triumphant, and are now safe at home.
Safe in the arms of Jesus,
Safe on his gentle breast,
Safe from this world's temptations
Sweetly- their souls doth rest."
We sincerely feel the loss caused by the departure of this consecrated men of God, but we humbly bow in submission to His will and we are saying "the will of the Lord be done." Yes, we shall miss him; miss his presence, miss his counsel, but his consecrated influence shall remain and live on and on and will always be an inspiration to us, helping us onward over life's battles.
We commend the example of this noble Christian man to the entire membership of our church and may his sacred sweet memories burn in each heart as long as we are known to time.
We now bid "farewell" until we too shall "all be gathered home."
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church, South, 1920, by. T. N. Warner, W. W. McDonald, MRS. M. E. Bartlett, W. M. Platt, and L. H. Swazzee.

Additional Information from his great-granddaughter Cheryl Parrish

Dred Thornton Ponder was born the 20 Nov 1861 at Union Co. Arkansas and died the 23 Oct 1920. He is buried at the old Eros Cemetery, in Eros, Jackson Parish, Louisiana. He was married three times. He first married Lillia Lillian Goodenough of Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. They married the 21 of Dec 1882. She was born the 20 Feb 1868 and died the 5 May 1890. She is buried at Silom Springs near Wyatt, Jackson Parish, Louisiana. He second married Ninnie Victoria Prestridge. They married the 8 Jul 1890. She was born the 17 Jun 1873 and died the 5 May 1916. She is buried at the old Eros Cemetery in Eros, Jackson Parish, Louisiana.
Dred Thornton Ponder was born to Samantha Thornton and William Harrison Ponder, Jr. He was a Methodist minister who began preaching early in life. The first date found in his Bible tells of preaching at Concord Methodist Church near Chatham, Jackson Parish, Louisiana. He joined the annual Conference in Nov. 1891, and "The place I preached my first sanctified sermon on Aug. 22, 1897, at Concord Methodist Church near Chatham, La." Another date recorded in his Bible shows that he was living at Eros, Louisiana on Oct. 20, 1907. He was principle of the Salvation Band which was organized on May 1,1903. He was an evangelist preaching over several parishes. At one time he owned and printed a paper in Ruston, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana.

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