Liverman, Nannie Hungerford (Mrs. G.M.)


1845 - 1920
Mrs. Nannie M. Liverman, daughter of Mr. Charles and Mrs. Lucy B. Hungerford was born in Georgia during 1845, and her parents moved to this State and settled in Keatchie, in 1861, and here she spent most of her life. Sister Liverman was deeply pious from childhood; she joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in early life and lived consistently through life. I first met her in 1877, while on the Shreveport District. I was in her mother’s family and found them all pious. I married her to Brother G. M Liverman, on February 25, 1880. They were in the active work five years after their’ marriage. Brother Liverman superannuated in 1884. She went with him where his work demanded, and proved herself an efficient pastor’s wife, and was successful as a mother. The children under her charge are all religious and some of them useful in the church She was affectionate in the family and to friends. Her last thirty years have been in. widowhood, and without doubt an example to all in sobriety and deep piety. She was a “Life Member of the American Bible Society,” and sold many Bibles. She sent many Testaments to the soldiers during the late war. God’s blessings rest upon her memory and works and sanctify them to his purpose and his richest graces upon the family and friends. Thus the meek and the godly pass away and we can with joy give them up
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1920, page 68, by Robert Randle

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