Franklin, Martha Ann Gibbs (Mrs. J.M.)


September 25, 1843 - December 31, 1920
Martha Ann Gibbs was born at Pleasant Hill, La., September 25, 1843. She was married first to H. L. Talley at Sulphur Springs, Tex., September 26, 1865, and, after his death, to Rev. J. M. Franklin, at Pleasant Hill, La., December 20, 1869. She was the mother of seven children, two daughters and two sons having preceded her to the life beyond, while Mrs. W. F. Jackson and Mrs. Hattie Cooper, of Duhberly,. and Thomas Franklin, of Bastrop, remain to mourn her going. She died on New Year’s Eve night December 31, 1920, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. F. Jackson, Dubberly, La., and buried beside her itinerant preacher husband, J. M. Franklin, in the family burying ground at Fort Jessup, La.
For the last three years of her life we were Sister Franklin’s pastor, and found her to be a loyal member of the church, and one of the truest and most devoted friends that we ever had. Her counsel was wise, and no sacrifice was considered when there was an opportunity to make comfortable the life of her pastor, or to help in the forward going of her church.
We cherish her memory, and upon her ashes that rest in hope we deposit a flower of love.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1921, pages 78-79, by P. O. Lowrey

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