Nesom, Mrs. Kate Jones


Jan. 21, 1874-Aug. 21, 1926
Mrs. Kate Jones Nesom fell asleep about eleven o’clock in the evening. She made a battle royal for her life, which was so sweet to her and her family and her friends. The sun had gone down, twilight was buried in the night, the evening bells had sounded their good night, the birds were still, God ruled the world as the spirit of this noble woman wended its way from dear old earth to heaven beyond the clouds and the stars to the eternal city. It was August 21, 1926.
She was born at Pine Grove, Louisiana, January 21, 1874. The home in which she was born gave her a heritage of which she was proud. The hills and valleys, rivers and bayous of St. Helena Parish gave themselves to enrich the life of this girl who was destined to be the queen of the parsonage. She was married to John D. Nesom September 26, 1897, by Rev. F. N. Sweeney. This union was blessed with three boys and five girls, all of whom live to mourn her loss. She was precious to them.
She was a kind and loving mother. She had a kiss that healed the aching finger of the children and a hand that could mend the broken head of the doll, but it did not stop there; she mended broken hearts for everybody. She made a sunny sky for all who came to know her, and left them in the sunlight of God’s love.
Mrs. Nesom was an excellent Christian woman. She lived close to her God and held communion with Him always. She seemed to be the triumph of kindness and truth. She carried her burdens with a smile and bore them with a song of victory. Her life was so consistent in its outpouring of kindness, goodness and love. A good woman has left us.
She was a faithful wife and homemaker. Here is where she showed her powers and waved the influence of her graces. She was quiet but always so expressive. Her gracious and generous heart covered her with a crown of goodness that shall last into the perfect day.
This good and faithful servant, patiently and ‘ without complaint, waited the coming of the tire that should carry her across the swelling of the Jordan. Several times we thought that little boat had broken from its earthly ties, but it was only a wave that threatened to tear loose the last string that bound the spirit to earth, but the wave soon passed. The tide was surely coming in and the last spot on earth was covered. Heaven opened, Jesus smiled, and the angels sang the welcome chorus. A true friend, a faithful wife, a devoted mother and a sainted woman had gone.
It was my pleasure to visit her many times during her illness and her sincere goodness and loving hospitality were a constant benediction. The many beautiful flowers on her casket and grave were tokens of friendship and expressions of love.
Alonzo Early
Source: Annual of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Page 100, 1926

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