Spinks, Mary Sue Garland (Mrs. Thurmon)


1911-Sept. 1, 1933
Mrs. Thurmon Spinks, nee Mary Sue Garland, was born in Pine Grove, La., in 1911. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Garland, prominent members of the Pine Grove community and church. She identified herself with the Methodist Church in her early childhood. In December, 1932, she was married to Rev. Thurmon Spinks, pastor of the Sibley charge, of which the Pine Grove Church is a part. Under the ministry of Rev. J. S. Dring she was brought into a deeper religious experience and during the summer revival campaign conducted this year by her husband, this experience was intensified into a passionate ambition to serve her Lord and the Church with all her powers. Her consuming desire was to assist her husband in every way to fulfill his ministry and to honor Christ and the Church.
She was taken with acute appendicitis, Friday, September 1, 1933, and rushed to the Minden Sanitarium, where she was operated upon immediately. Complications set in and in spite of the most skillful medical attention she could not be saved.
She died Sunday morning at three o’clock, September 3, and was buried in the Pine Grove cemetery, Monday afternoon at the same hour.
The church proved utterly inadequate in accomodating the host of friends.
The presiding elder, Robert M. Brown, who officiated, was assisted by Rev. J. S. Dring, Rev. Albert S. Lutz, and Rev. P. B. McCullen.
During the brief months that Mrs. Spinks occupied the position of a minister’s wife she gave abundant proof of her fitness to fill this delicate and important position. We firmly believe that her desire to serve her Master is being realized in that Home of the Soul of which the Master said, “My servants shall serve me.” We extend to the grieved ones our sympathy and prayers. May the Christ whom her husband has commended to others be his comfort and stay in this hour of overwhelming grief.
Source: Annual of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Pages 84-85, 1933

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