White, Mrs. B.F.


? - December 13, 1934
On December 13, 1934, in Monroe, La., was ended the earthly pilgrimage of Mrs. B. F. White, the widow of the late Rev. B. F. White. For a quarter of a century she had lingered after the death of her be-loved husband. Mrs. White was a gracious and interesting woman and fitted easily into the life and work of her beloved husband. She both contributed to the life and charm of the parsonage, which she entered and added to the useful ministry of the pastor, proving herself both a companion and coworker. Throughout her life Mrs. White was deeply Interested in all the activities of the Church, and her friends said of her, “Our lives have been enriched by her sincere consecration, and we ourselves have been lifted to a higher plane by our association with her.’ Sister White lived well the years given her, and the light of her good deeds glorified the Heavenly Father, and in late evening time of life she passed into His presence.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Pages 91, 1935, by N. E. Joyner

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