Nesom, Lola Copenhaver (Mrs. J.D.)


June 10, 1880 - July 16, 1935
Mrs. Lola Copenhaver Newsom was born June 10, 1880. She was a native of Indiana and in 1903 she was married to George E. Hunter. She moved to Oak Grove, Louisiana, with her husband about 1909, where Mr. Hunter died in 1924. On April 26, 1926, she was married to Rev. J. D. Nesom, at Oak Ridge, La., and her death occurred at St. Joseph, La., July 16, 1935. She is survived by her one and only daughter by her first marriage. For many years Mrs. Nesom was a great sufferer and her years were made difficult because of the fatal malady ‘which finally brought her life to a close. The writer knew her personally and ministered to her in her last illness. For many years she was not equal to the exacting duties of life on account of the pain, which constantly preyed upon her body. In the last visit that we had with her she expressed her faith in God, and while her body has been released from suffering, her spirit has gone to be with her Lord.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Pages 92, 1934, by W. L. Duren

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