Cassity, Mrs. John Barnard


December 31, 1853 - June 20, 1935
Mrs. John Barnard Cassity was born in Newberry, South Carolina, December 31, 1853. She was a daughter of J. K. Schumpert and Harriet A. Schumpert. Her parents, members of the Lutheran Church, were consecrated Christians, faithful and devout. While a young girl, Mrs. Cassity united with this Church, and remained a member of it until her marriage to Rev. John B. Cassity. This auspicious event occurred at Marshall, Texas, December 1886; Bishop W. W. Duncan, the officiating minister, was at the time presiding at a session of the East Texas Conference. Before this marriage Miss Schumpert had made her home at Greenwood, La., with her brother, Dr. J. B. Schumpert, a well-known and eminent physician of Shreveport and founder of the Schumpert Memorial Hospital. Alter the superannuate relation of Rev. J. B. Cassidy was granted by the Louisiana Annual Conference, he and his family made their home in Ruston, La. From this home Mrs. Cassity joined her husband in the home not made by human hands, on June 20, 1935. Although unable to enter fully and enjoy the services of her loved Church; she maintained her Christian faith and consecrated life patiently and faithfully to the end. This is the testimony of a daughter who loved her mother as only the tender heart of woman may. Such a life leaves an afterglow on earth like the western sun ‘sinking beyond the hills, which unknown shall live again.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Pages 93, 1935, by J. Davies

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