Lahey, Charles Roger


April 17, 1912 - August 1, 1939
On August 1, 1939, the spirit of Charles Roger Lahey departed this earth for the land beyond the skies. He was born April 17, 1912, the son of Rev, and Mrs. C. W. Lahey of our Conference. The influence of these godly parents was the determining factor in his life.
Roger came into the Church as a lad under the ministry of his own father. On his 18th birthday, April 17, 1930, at the Shreveport District Conference, held on the Campus of Centenary Col-lege, he was licensed to preach. Dr. H. T. Carley was Presiding Elder.
Only his most intimate friends who worked beside him during the seven years spent at Centenary College and Southern Methodist University can understand the magnitude of his determination to prepare for the fulfillment of his call to preach.
Roger was graduated from Centenary. College in 1934 and immediately entered Southern Methodist University. While still a student in the Seminary he married Miss Wynnfred Holloman of Alexandria, La. He completed the work for his Bachelor of Divinity Degree in 1937.
As a local preacher he assisted his father in meetings and preached at various other times as the opportunity offered. Roger was admitted on trial in the Louisiana Conference in 1937, and was appointed to the Oakdale Charge. Re entered enthusiastically and hopefully into his work. Early in the year, however, he became ill with a malady, which finally resulted in his death. As long as he could, he served his people, but his strength waned and for 15 months he fought a losing battle for life. The best medical and surgical attention in the United States was in vain. The end came on August 1, 1939, at Rochester, Minnesota His body was interred at Alexandria. Louisiana, on August 3rd. Re is survived by his wife, little daughter, his father and mother and three sisters.
Roger Lahey had a abort life and a brief ministry. But service in the Kingdom of God is not measured by time. He gave all he had—and that was enough. So he was entitled to the plaudit, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Pages 111-112, 1939, by Karl B. Tooke

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