Daniels, H.


H. Daniels
- 1940
Born in Mansfield, La., approximately 3 score and 10 years ago, Rev. H. Daniels of 2415 Magnolia Street, active as a Methodist leader for the past 50 years, died at his residence at 2:15 A.M., Tuesday, February 276, 1940. At the time of his death, Rev. Daniels was president of the Thomy Lafon Old Folks Home and pastor of Rose Chapel and Shaw Temple Churches. He was formerly president of the New Orleans Methodist Ministers’ Alliance.
Married 30 years ago to Miss Lottye Grooms of this city, Rev. Daniels’ life has been one of patient Christian service that saw successful charges in the principal cities of Louisiana including New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport and Monroe. In Monroe, Rev. Daniels leaves a monument to his efforts in the construction of St. James M. E. Church, where he was in charge for nine years. He was District Superintendent in conjunction with many of his charges.
He leaves to mourn his passing his wife and four daughters: Mrs. Marion Daniels Earls, Miss Eunice C. Daniels, Miss Doris J. Daniels, and Miss Hubbardine W. Daniels. Other survi-vors include Mrs. D. Grooms and an elder son, George.
Funeral services were conducted at Wesley Church, New Orleans, with Bishop A. P. Shaw officiating.
Source: Louisiana Conference Journal, SCJ, The Methodist Church, 1940, p. 42

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