Anders, Mary Wilkerson (Mrs. George D.)


June 16, 1862 - 1940
Mary C. Anders was the wife of Rev. George Dudley Anders and the daughter of Rev, and Mrs. G. C. Wilkerson. She was born at Liberty Hill, Miss., June 16, 1862, and spent her last days at Arcadia, La., in the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. B. Edwards.
Like Samuel of old, she heard the voice of God when but a child, and walked with him in unbroken fellowship to the end. Like Samuel she fought her foes and won her victories on her knees. And what vic-tories! When they were married, George Anders was not a Christian, much less a preacher. She literally prayed him into the kingdom and he never stopped until he reached the pulpit. Only eternity can reveal the many sinners turned from death unto life by this godly man and woman during their forty-nine years in the active ministry. Mrs. Anders really spent all her life in a preacher’s family, her father having been a Primitive Baptist minister.
Her lot was not an easy one but she knew how to live victoriously. She knew bow not only to bear trouble but to use it. In spite of long periods of weakness and suffering in her last years. she was patient and cheerful. The devotion and care she received were of the tenderest.
Her face was lively with well-molded features and a halo of snowy hair. From her steady blue eyes there shone a light that can come from only one source—absolute faith and trust in her heavenly Father.
It was a precious privilege to be her pastor, the last year of her earthly pilgrimage, not only for her sake but also for “Uncle George’s sake. For it was Uncle George who was partly responsible for the writer’s being in the ministry.
When a small boy he was praying one day under a tree. Uncle George, our pastor, happened along. This prophet of God took the child upon his knee and said, “Bobby, some day you may be a preacher.” Little did the boy realize that many years later he would conduct the funeral of Uncle George’s beloved Mary. How wonderful the happy reunion “over there”!
Seven children and twenty-one grandchildren remain to cherish her memory and imitate her virtues: the daughters----Mrs. J. B. Edwards, Arcadia, La.; Mrs. J. B. Sutherland, wife of Rev. J. B. Sutherland, District Superintendent, Jackson, Mississippi; the sons—Rev. Dan Anders, pastor at Rayne. La.; Adam, Lafayette, La.; George, Biloxi, Mississippi; J. D., Athens, La., and W. N., Baton Rouge, La.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 93, 1940 by R. M. Brown

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