Schuhle, Dr. William


December 11, 1863 - May 1941
Friend, is one of the most beautiful words in the English language. A friend is a stay in trouble, a comfort in sorrow, a companion in loneliness and an inspiration in life.
William Schuhle had a friend.
This friend was influential in changing the whole course of his life. William Sclinhle was born in Marlen, Germany, December 11, 1863. He attended school until he was fourteen years of age. Here he worked in an uncle’s workshop as an apprentice. But his boyhood friend was in America. From him letters came, letters of invitation, until finally a letter came with money for passage; in January 1881, William Schuhle landed in New York City. In Elizabeth, New Jersey, he worked in a fertilizer factory long enough to earn money for a ticket to New Orleans where h~ joined his friend of other days. It was this friend who brought him to America, the land of freedom and opportunity. How different his life might otherwise have been!
William Schuhle had a friend.
This friend was Dr. Shehee of Arcadia, Louisiana, who took him into his own home and gave him the opportunity to learn the rudiments of the English language. It was while he was in Dr. Shehee’s home that a great revival was held in the town. Many people were converted and gave their lives to God; among them was this German youth, who had come of Roman Catholic parentage. Had it not been for Dr. Shehee how different his life might have been!
William Schuhle had a friend.
The First Methodist Church in Shreveport, through its Woman’s Missionary Society, furnished the money, in part, for him to at-tend Vanderbilt University for further study and training, which training had so much to do in fitting him for his life work.
William Schuhle had a friend.
Dr. J. A. B. Ahrens, a well-known German preacher in New Orleans, did much in helping him to find his life work in the Methodist ministry. He entered the Louisiana Conference on trial in November 1889; served forty-nine years; retired in November 1940, and joined the Church Triumphant on the eleventh day of May 1941. During his long and faithful ministry he served as pastor in every district of the Conference. He was four years presiding elder of the Monroe District. He was a trustee of Centenary College; served on many of the Conference boards during his ministry. He was honored with the Doctor of Divinity degree from Centenary College. On the 24th of December 1914, he was married to Mrs. Evelyn Wright Keener, who, with their son, William, survives him. William Schuhle was the soul of honor and integrity, a man in whom there was no guile—unassuming, dependable, true; a man above suspicion, openhearted, gracious, kind, unselfish. A man of both native and acquired ability. He was truly a good minister of Jesus Christ.
William Schuhle had a friend.
He had many friends who helped him along the way. He, in turn, was a friend to many; a good friend, a helpful friend, a friend you could never forget. We miss him today. We cherish his memory. We honor his name.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 86-88, 1941 by W. W. Holmes.

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